Full Moon Rising, by Keri Arthur

June 6, 2007

Full Moon Rising is a supernatural romance set in an Australia where werewolves and vampires live openly among the humans. The book’s heroine is Riley Jenson, a werewolf with vampire blood who works in the offices of a supernatural police force. Her brother works for the same force as a field agent, and he disappears while trying to find some kidnapped supernatural beings that are linked with biotechnology research. Riley has to solve the mystery and find her brother at a time when werewolves are most distracted, during the approach of the full moon.

Arthur’s werewolf culture is interesting. The most emphasized feature of lycanthropy besides the strength and shifting is the idea that all werewolves go into heat during the week of the full moon. This has shaped a lot of their society, both in terms of how they interact and how other races view them.

I don’t tend to enjoy books that are this romance heavy, and Full Moon Rising is only a partial exception. I appreciate that Arthur has worked in a plot reason from the start for the large amount of sex and inevitable emotional complications that follow. The mystery aspects of the story were interesting, even if they were a little predictable. The sex scenes were not terribly written or repetitive, but one or two did feel a overlong.

Of course I’d have preferred a higher plot-to-erotica ratio, but that wasn’t my real problem. I just couldn’t really click with any of the main characters. Riley was inconsistent and not the sharpest knife in the drawer. Her brother was okay but largely absent. Her regular lovers were a thug and a question mark. The new vampire in her life was charming, but then he showed off an unattractive cruel streak. Flawed characters are a necessity, but it would be good if some of them could remain likable.

Despite my issues I won’t rule out reading the next in the series. There’s potential here, if Riley matures a bit as a character. While I suspect the rest of the books will also be too relationship-heavy for my taste, the story could be worth it.


4 Responses to “Full Moon Rising, by Keri Arthur”

  1. […] favorite urban fantasy heroines, I’ll continue to read this series. Kissing Sin is a lot like Full Moon Rising, it has an interesting, original story but has too much romance for […]

  2. janicu Says:

    I’m not going to even try any more. All the reviews for Hamilton’s work make me less and less inclined to waste my time. I’ve only read 3 books in the Meredith Gentry series and was noticing what you talk about (bloated series, too many characters). I haven’t read any Anita Blake.

  3. janicu Says:

    Oops, not sure why this comment was posted here and not in the Harlequin review. I did something wrong.

  4. deety Says:

    Unfortunately, I don’t seem to be able to move comments, only delete them entirely. If you want to repost on the other entry I can wipe these two, though!

    If I hadn’t thought the Anita books were entertaining before they went bad I probably wouldn’t have bothered with them either. In some ways I don’t know why I continue. But they’re very fast reads for me and I guess I’m just curious. And there’s always the possibility that I keep reading them just so I can bitch about them.

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