Wicked Lovely, by Melissa Marr

July 18, 2008

The main character in Wicked Lovely is Aislinn, a young woman who can see the invisible faeries that share our world. Drawing their attention to this ability could mean her death, so Aislinn puts a lot of thought into ways of subtly avoiding, ignoring, and getting away from them. Then she catches the attention of the Summer King, a faerie who can’t come into his full power until he finds his queen. If he doesn’t become strong enough to challenge the Winter Queen, then eventually her growing influence will cause disaster for both the Summer faeries and the humans.

Aislinn is forced into the world of faerie politics and intrigue, all for the sake of a crown that she’s not interested in. If she fails the test, she’ll bear the burden of the Winter Girl until someone replaces her. Refusing to try is even worse, because then Aislinn will become a subservient shadow of her former self.

The plot is a bit predictable, but I never mind that when the characters are interesting enough to carry it. Aislinn is a strong heroine, it’s nice to see her fight to solve her problems on her own terms. Her friend Seth is more detailed than the average YA love-interest type. Keenan and Donia (the Summer King and Winter Girl) spend most of the book working against Aislinn’s desire to be left alone, but their long struggle and tragic past make them the most sympathetic characters in the story.

If you read young adult books or just want to spend a few hours with something light but enjoyable, give Wicked Lovely a try.


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