True Blood Comic Book

July 29, 2008

HBO is releasing an online comic set in the world of True Blood. It doesn’t seem to be directly related to the main plot of the Harris books, the main character is a powerful vampire who has mixed feelings about the recent decision for vampires to admit their existence.

The interface that shows you the comic is a bit of a pain, because you have to zoom in quite a bit on each page to be able to read the text. You’d think that the “actual size” button would show you the full-sized images with one click, but no such luck.

There are several pages of promotional stuff after the comic, including an interview with Alan Ball and TruBlood ads. In addition to the True Blood sites I’ve already posted about, there are ads for the American Vampire League and the anti-vamp Fellowship of the Sun group.

New comic book pages will be posted each Wednesday. To read the first installment, just follow the link from HBO’s main True Blood page.


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