Dragon*Con 2008

August 28, 2008

Tonight I’m in Atlanta for Dragon*Con. There’s a lot going on, and some of the urban fantasy-releated events are scheduled at the same time as other big things that I’m geeking out on right now. I’ll try to post a little this weekend if I hear any discussions that are either really informative or worth mocking, but I haven’t been to this con before so it’s hard to know many of the panels I can realistically make it to.

And it’s entirely possible that in my free moments I might just decide to drink rum and try to stalk James Marsters instead of posting.

Just kidding about that stalking part. Probably. I mean, I’d have to be really, really trashed to be tempted to do something that creepy. Trashed to the point that my ability to stalk James Marsters would be too impared for me to manage it.

It’s probably best for everyone involved that I’m old enough now to realize that the con will be more fun if I maintain a slight buzz all weekend instead of going full-on lush. Now I’m off to some party with my roomate’s friends from the internet.

Wish me luck, I have the feeling I’ll need it.


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