New Moon, by Stephenie Meyer

October 10, 2008

At the start of New Moon, Bella Swan and Edward Cullen are a happy couple. Surely they’re past the relationship drama that bogged down the previous book, right?

Wrong. Bella’s legendary klutziness makes an appearance, as it only seems to when a plot twist is required. Disaster is averted, but Edward abruptly tells Bella that his vampire family is moving and that he doesn’t want to be with her anymore. Bella is beyond devastated. She’s barely functional. She ignores her friends and scares the hell out of her family. I guess this is supposed to be romantic, but it just made me want to slap some self-respect into her.

The only person who can draw her out of her shell is Jacob, a guy from the local reservation. Bella flirted with him to get some information back in Twilight, and now Jacob has a massive, obvious crush. Bella uses him to feel better, and to facilitate a new thirst for danger that develops after she starts to imagine Edward yelling at her over risky behavior.

When Bella learns a secret about the area’s Native Americans, she’s worried for Jacob. But it seemed like she was less concerned about Jacob as a person and more upset that the changes in his life threatened their friendship and gave him a non-Bella priority.

A misinterpreted vision throws Bella and the Cullens back together, and she has to race across the world to save her beloved perfect Edward from a sparkly death. As always, these books are at their best when there’s some real action going on, and again, the action is mostly confined to the end.

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