Breaking Dawn, by Stephenie Meyer

October 23, 2008

Breaking Dawn is the fourth book in the series. It begins with a wedding. That goes pretty smoothly, though Meyer can’t resist the urge to have a little love triangle angst in the mix. Writing much of anything about the honeymoon would mean I’ll have to focus on it, and that’ll make me want to drink heavily. So let’s just skip it.

Bella ends up in a unique position, and she faces a tough decision with the same stubbornness and lack of thought that she’s shown thus far. There’s a lot of drama because it’s apparently very important for the reader to get in-depth details of the shifting views that various characters have of Bella’s choice. Edward proves his cluelessness in spectacular fashion, which I think was supposed to come across as some big selfless gesture.

After the events of the first half of the book are resolved, Meyer makes a plot decision that is disgusting and completely indefensible.

Then a misinterpretation brings the wrath of the Volturi. The Cullens gather friends that become convinced of their innocence, and the different personalities and talents of these vamps are the high point of the book. The second half of the novel is mostly about preperation for the coming conflict. The ending is a disappointment.

Through the entire series, I’ve complained about the way that, when it comes to the plot, very little of interest tends to happen until the end. Well thankfully that’s not the case with Breaking Dawn. But honestly, some of the action made me nostalgic for the plodding pace of the earlier novels.

As in Eclipse, the best parts are any scenes or stories that mostly focus on other vampires. The sections written from Jacob’s perspective are very uneven. Above all, Meyer’s big, shocking plot twist should repulse even the biggest fan. The fact that any of her readers could defend it is staggering to me.

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3 Responses to “Breaking Dawn, by Stephenie Meyer”

  1. Angie Says:

    I’m with you 100%. The whole thing was just wrong.

  2. Sarah Says:

    Yes! I stumbled upon this because I was searching for info about urban fantasy, and I couldn’t agree more with your Breaking Dawn comments.

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