Just Another Judgement Day, by Simon R. Green

January 18, 2009

The people of the Nightside have good reason to fear the Walking Man, an unstoppable embodiment of God’s wrath who travels the world smiting sinners. In Just Another Judgement Day, John Taylor is hired to stop him from taking out the new Authorities and the rest of the Nightside’s morally flexible residents.

This book takes some of the ongoing plots of the series in an interesting direction, which makes me already eager to get my hands on the next one. John and Suzie face a pair of interesting foes, which (though it wasn’t really a main part of the story) was one of the high points for me.  Some of the side characters are great, and there are a couple of scenes that are just as chilling as anything we’ve seen in previous books in the series. John’s interactions with the Walking Man are satisfyingly complex, which is funny considering the Walking Man’s stark black-and-white view of the world.

I liked the idea of the story, but I can’t say this is my favorite Nightside book. There were too many times when John Taylor was more of an observer than a participant. Some parts felt like they didn’t fit, especially a random encounter in an automobile. There were also times that I felt Green was getting too heavily into the little world-building side stories that are usually so well done. For example, there’s a part where John is relieved to have beat his adversary to a particular location. But instead of taking any real benefit from getting there first, he starts playing tour guide for a new friend. In the middle of an emergency situation, that felt awkward.

I’d recommend this author to anyone who likes urban fantasy that’s heavy on detail and description but fairly light on romance. This is book 9 in the series, so if you haven’t read any so far then you should start with the first book, Something From the Nightside. You could also try The Man With the Golden Torc , a supernatural spy thriller that’s the start of his latest series (which so far is only loosely connected to the Nightside).

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