Mean Streets, an anthology

April 8, 2009

Mean Streets is an anthology with four stories about supernatural investigations. It includes:

  • “The Warrior” by Jim Butcher
    When Harry Dresden steps in to protect a threatened friend, he could be playing into the hands of an unknown enemy. This book is set after Small Favor, and has some pretty major spoilers for that story. The story took some interesting turns and there was also a nice theme about how small actions can have unforeseeable results. It was my favorite story in the collection, and any fan of the Dresden Files should enjoy it.
  • “The Difference A Day Makes” by Simon R. Green
    A woman asks John Taylor to help recover her lost memories of the previous day, and the search leads to one of the seediest areas of the Nightside as well as a truth that she’d probably be better off not knowing. This story seems like it may be targeted at people who haven’t been introduced to the series yet. As someone who has read all of the books, I found it pretty repetitive. I think maybe I’ve read that “Not everything that looks like a car is a car” bit one too many times. The concept was interesting enough, but it was too stuffed with speeches about the nature of the Nightside and the ending was less than satisfying.
  • “The Third Death of the Little Clay Dog” by Kat Richardson
    Harper Blaine gets a bequest in a stranger’s will, but it comes with strange conditions that lead her to a Day of the Dead celebration full of secrets and revenge. This is my first exposure to Richardson, and I’ll definitely be trying one of her novels. Harper’s powers seem interesting, though I didn’t understand them all that well. Some of the Day of the Dead explanations felt too much like lectures, and the climax got a bit confusing. But there were some great twists and I liked it a lot.
  • “Noah’s Orphans” by Thomas E. Sniegoski
    Remy Chandler gets dragged into another angel-related investigation after the murder of Noah (yes, the one that built the ark). It’s set shortly after A Kiss Before the Apocalypse (my review), and there are a few spoilers for that novel. The story is okay and I like the main character, but I’m just not connecting with this setting the way I have with my favorite urban fantasy worlds.

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4 Responses to “Mean Streets, an anthology”

  1. I enjoyed Means Streets more than expected. The Sniegoski story could have been turned into a novel length book, easily which just goes to show you what a talent Sniegoski is. Warrior was a nice Dresden tidbit as we were awaiting the latest in the series. I recently posted reviews of Turn Coat the latest in the Dresden series and Dancing on the Head of a Pin which is the latest Sniegoski story that takes place after Noah’s Orphans.

  2. Helen Hunt Says:

    Nice review –
    I have heard of it from friends but haven’t read it, I should ask a friend for a copy.

    Nice review though…

  3. I enjoyed Mean Streets overall, but for me the standout story was the Remy story. I finished the second full Remy novel recently and it certainly builds well from the first and this story. My review is posted for anyone interested Sniegoski has some big plans for Remy.

  4. Angie Says:

    I’m glad to hear the Richardson story was good. I’ve really enjoyed her Harper Blaine books and recommend them.

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