Curse the Dawn, by Karen Chance

June 8, 2009

During all of Cassandra Palmer’s short reign as Pythia, the world’s most powerful clairvoyant and time traveler, factions in the supernatural community have been fighting to control or destroy her. Now Cassie is trying to stop the plans of her most powerful enemy yet – a supernatural being who was once worshiped as a god. She faces attacks, accidents, and even a magical disaster, all while having her usual arguments with the allies who want to keep her safely away from the action.

These books seem to be getting increasingly hectic, and the constant tension isn’t helped by the fact that Cassie still doesn’t seem all that competent. It’s one thing to say that she doesn’t understand her powers because she wasn’t trained, but she also seems to be really slow about learning from experience. She makes some terrible decisions, one of which was so over-the-top stupid that it spoiled one of the twists.

It’s frustrating that she keeps trusting people that she shouldn’t, especially because she’s often dismissive of advice from people who have already proven themselves to her. In the first book, it was understandable how out of the loop Cassie was, but I can’t help feeling she should really be more together by now. Instead she seems to be losing ground.

I like the concept and most of the side characters, and the world is well-developed. But I’m sad to say that I’m really losing patience with Cassie. It would be nice to see her start listening to those around her a little more, at this point some of her problems seem caused by sheer stubborness.

I also hope that the pace will slow down just a little. It’s not that I want the overall story to move at a slower rate, but it would really help me if the mile-a-minute action was broken up by a few more quiet, character-focused scenes (other than the ever-present sex scenes).


2 Responses to “Curse the Dawn, by Karen Chance”

  1. iread Says:

    I am in complete agreement with you. I’ve pretty much given up on Cassie. She doesn’t really do anything besides run, hide, screw, and mess things up.

    At this point, I’m following the series purely for the supporting characters. I like Mircea and Pritkin very much. Both have way more personality than Cassie. Cassanova’s fluster and anxiety are always amusing. I’d love to see Karen Chance give Cassie the same amount of character development she has given to all the other characters.

  2. alana Says:

    I think it might help if she put a little more time in between books. Each book starts exactly where the last one left off, so it’s only been a really short time from the events of the first book to this one.

    That may make it understandable why Cassy hasn’t changed much in such a short time, but since we, the readers, have to wait a year for each book it makes a strange dichotomy I think.

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