WB’s Vampire Diaries, Supernatural start tonight

September 10, 2009

Tonight at 8 is the first episode of WB’s Vampire Diaries show. It’s based on the L.J. Smith books that I was practically obsessed with as a teenager, so I’ve been interested in checking it out. Honestly, my expectations are pretty low. I hardly expect any adaptation to follow the source material completely, but some of the changes that I’ve heard about sounded fairly pointless.

And at 9, we get the start of the fifth (and possibly last) season of Supernatural. After last season’s ending, I’m dying to know what happens! This is one of the best genre shows on television, and anyone who hasn’t seen it so far should check out the DVDs.


4 Responses to “WB’s Vampire Diaries, Supernatural start tonight”

  1. I watched the Vampire Diaries and I have to say it’s not my thing. But Supernatural! OMG! Love it! The fourth season finale was awesome, the fifth opener was incredible. But I didn’t know this could be their last season. Say it isn’t so? Where did you hear this? I don’t know what I’ll do without my Sam and Dean fix. LOL

  2. deety Says:

    The executive producer of Supernatural has been saying for years now that there was a five-season plan for the story. He used to make it sound like season five would definitely be the end of the show. But there was an interview awhile ago where he said that they could always just start fresh with an entirely new story arc.

    I certainly don’t want Supernatural off my tv, but there’s something to be said for shows that stop while they’re still great. As long as they keep the quality up I’ll be happy, though I’m not sure what the writers could do in the future that will compare, danger-wise, to the apocalypse.

  3. Yeah, Josh Weadon said that about Buffy too. Then he ended up making moe do to viewer demand.

    I do agree with you that they would have to create something pretty fanteastic to compete with the apocalypse, but as a writer myself I never say never to continueing a series. Who knows what they could come up with next. šŸ™‚

  4. vlion Says:

    I am a viewer that loves the vampire diary and l have not missed one episode since it started. I really love the character’s picked and think damen and stephen are just darn gorgeous! Keep the scripts coming for it’s got
    me jumping out of my seat! “It’s Hot!”

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