Cover Art in Two Minutes

March 9, 2010

We all know how spotting a piece of eye-grabbing cover art is a fun part of the book shopping experience. A good cover can let you know what to expect from a book in terms of tone, genre, and style, at least until it a particular cover style becomes trendy enough that all the examples of it tend to meld together. And of course a bad cover, unfortunately, can turn readers away from an otherwise great read.

I’ve really enjoyed the covers for Gail Carriger’s books, they certainly stand out from the pack and reflect the writing fairly well. So I was happy to see this video show up in my inbox today. Watch as a graphic artist puts together the pretty for us.

Also, stay tuned for upcoming reviews of Kitty’s House of Horrors, A Local Habitation, Black Magic Sanction, The Better Part of Darkness, and Death’s Mistress.


One Response to “Cover Art in Two Minutes”

  1. janicu Says:

    Excellent! *looking forward to the A LOCAL HABITATION review*. Thank you for recommending that series. Love it.

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