Late Eclipses, by Seanan McGuire

January 20, 2011

Late Eclipses (October Daye, #4)Late Eclipses hits the ground running with a few shocking developments for our favorite changeling, October Daye, but then Toby’s immediately called to see a friend with a suspicious illness. As more fae fall victim to similar complaints, Toby fends off accusations and works to track down an old enemy. She’s caught up in a plot involving revenge, political power, and family intrigue, and not even her most formidable allies can help her with the difficult choice she’ll have to make.

These books keep getting better. I’d say this is the best-paced one of the series, with a solid mix of investigation and action that kept things moving. The world-building continues to be great, it gave good detail about the setting without resorting to tedious info-dumps. One slow-burn subplot took a well-timed turn for the awesome, which, as usual, has me impatient for the next book.

Toby’s grown a lot as a character, but it’s all backed up – unlike some series that seem to change just for change’s sake. Foreshadowing from previous books comes into play here, and while I will say that I suspected something similar to one of the reveals, I didn’t guess it exactly. Considering how predictable urban fantasy has become these days (yes, even among the ones that I like), that makes me a happy reader.

If I have one small complaint, it’s that I’d have liked more reaction, especially more personal reaction, to a particular piece of news from the beginning of the story. I know that Toby got busy pretty damn quick after that, and it’s not as if that part of plot was ignored for the rest of the book. But it was a fairly big deal and I kept expecting to hear more freaking out over it.

Those who are already fans of October Daye will love this one, because it has everything we’ve come to expect. There’s badassery against all odds, sharp humor, tricky fae politics, and unpredictable magic. Also, there’s Tybalt.

If you aren’t reading these books yet, check out Rosemary and Rue (my review), because seriously, you’re missing out.


2 Responses to “Late Eclipses, by Seanan McGuire”

  1. janicu Says:

    OK I’m dying with anticipation for this book (fan girl now, I cannot lie). I’m jealous you have already read it. What could this personal thing at the beginning of the book be.. and there’s Tybalt? Excellent.

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