My name is Donna and I’m a geek. I like reading fantasies of all types along with the occasional odd nonfiction book about history or natural science. In addition to being a total book nerd, I’m into gaming and beer.

Urban fantasy is a type of fiction that involves a supernatural story in a modern setting. I mostly post about books that fall into this category, though I’ll also include some books that use supernatural elements in historical or more futuristic settings. I’ll also be mentioning other media and even books from other genres that may be interesting to urban fantasy fans.

I’ll say right up front that I don’t enjoy paranormal erotica. I love a hot romantic subplot as much as the next gal, but for me it needs to stay mostly a subplot. If the story only serves to move the characters from one make-out session to another, I’m not going to like it. In fact, I’m possibly going to make fun of it. No offense to those who enjoy them, I’m the last one who needs to criticize anyone else’s taste. I just need a little more meat with my gravy.

Sorry, but I no longer accept review copies of self-published books.

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