Interested in a Kate Daniels novella as a New Year’s treat? “Magic Gifts,” a Kate and Curran story, is available as a free e-book until January 7. You can download a Kindle-compatible copy, an epub for Nook or other e-book readers, or a PDF to read on your computer. The novella will be printed in the upcoming Andrea-centered book, Gunmetal Magic, for those who either don’t want an electronic copy or missed out on the limited-time free release.

Get it here:


We all know how spotting a piece of eye-grabbing cover art is a fun part of the book shopping experience. A good cover can let you know what to expect from a book in terms of tone, genre, and style, at least until it a particular cover style becomes trendy enough that all the examples of it tend to meld together. And of course a bad cover, unfortunately, can turn readers away from an otherwise great read.

I’ve really enjoyed the covers for Gail Carriger’s books, they certainly stand out from the pack and reflect the writing fairly well. So I was happy to see this video show up in my inbox today. Watch as a graphic artist puts together the pretty for us.

Also, stay tuned for upcoming reviews of Kitty’s House of Horrors, A Local Habitation, Black Magic Sanction, The Better Part of Darkness, and Death’s Mistress.

This month I thought I’d try linking my release list to each book’s page instead of to Amazon.  That way you can check out what other people may be saying about the books so far, also because Goodreads is awesome.

Some of this month’s releases:

Excerpts – May 2009

May 23, 2009

More recent additions to the excerpts page:

    Here are a few books that have caught my eye for May, as usual, release dates are based on info from Amazon.

    Free Harper Teen Sampler

    April 29, 2009

    Check here for a free e-book containing sample chapters from 5 new and upcoming Harper Teen books. Unfortunately, it’s only available in PDF format. My first attempt to convert the PDF for use on my Kindle came out as an awkward, unreadable mess, but maybe I’ll try again with a different method.

    Samples included are from:

    (via janicu’s twitter feed)