Dead in the Family (Sookie Stackhouse, #10)During Dead in the Family, Sookie is still dealing with the physical and emotional fallout from the Fae War. Sookie’s boyfriend, Eric, is having difficulties with Louisiana’s new vampire power structure, and her friend and employer, Sam, is facing increased scrutiny now that shapeshifters have made themselves publicly known. Sookie faces ambitious vampires and vengeful fairies, and is also drawn back into drama surrounding the Shreveport wolf pack, all while many of her strongest allies are distracted with troubles of their own.

This review doesn’t include any major spoilers for this book, though I will bring up a few more of the many, many plotlines than the cover blurb does – because it would be hard for me to write much about this book without them. Those who don’t want to hear what could be thought of as light spoilers should read no further, and of course you shouldn’t read this review at all if you haven’t finished the previous Sookie books.

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Crimes by MoonlightCrimes by Moonlight is an anthology featuring members of the Mystery Writers of America. It was edited by Charlaine Harris, and the stories are all a mix of mystery and the supernatural.

Like every anthology, this one has its ups and downs. I’m a bit picky about short stories, so only a few of these tales really worked for me. Unless you’re the kind of reader who wants to own every story from one of these authors, I’d suggest checking it out from the library first before you buy a copy.

A breakdown of the individual stories is below.

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Kitty's House of Horrors (Kitty Norville, #7)In the seventh Kitty Norville book, Kitty joins the cast of a reality show and travels to a remote lodge for the taping. The plan is for the shifters, vampires, and psychics gathered for the series to attempt to engage with the skeptic in their midst. This promises for some interesting on-air drama, but their concerns about the production go out the window once a body is discovered.

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We all know how spotting a piece of eye-grabbing cover art is a fun part of the book shopping experience. A good cover can let you know what to expect from a book in terms of tone, genre, and style, at least until it a particular cover style becomes trendy enough that all the examples of it tend to meld together. And of course a bad cover, unfortunately, can turn readers away from an otherwise great read.

I’ve really enjoyed the covers for Gail Carriger’s books, they certainly stand out from the pack and reflect the writing fairly well. So I was happy to see this video show up in my inbox today. Watch as a graphic artist puts together the pretty for us.

Also, stay tuned for upcoming reviews of Kitty’s House of Horrors, A Local Habitation, Black Magic Sanction, The Better Part of Darkness, and Death’s Mistress.

Fallen, by Lauren Kate

January 7, 2010

Fallen is about a girl who goes to a new school and meets two guys. One is ethereally beautiful and perfect but mostly ignores her or is rude to her when he isn’t giving her just enough scraps of attention to keep her interested. The other is nice and attentive, so she strings him along while keeping her mind firmly on Mr. Unattainable. She also makes some friends, but she ditches them quite a bit too, because, well, there’s this guy. And he’s hot. So very, very hot. Oh, and there’s some supernatural stuff.

Sound familiar?

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Tonight at 8 is the first episode of WB’s Vampire Diaries show. It’s based on the L.J. Smith books that I was practically obsessed with as a teenager, so I’ve been interested in checking it out. Honestly, my expectations are pretty low. I hardly expect any adaptation to follow the source material completely, but some of the changes that I’ve heard about sounded fairly pointless.

And at 9, we get the start of the fifth (and possibly last) season of Supernatural. After last season’s ending, I’m dying to know what happens! This is one of the best genre shows on television, and anyone who hasn’t seen it so far should check out the DVDs.