Free Harper Teen Sampler

April 29, 2009

Check here for a free e-book containing sample chapters from 5 new and upcoming Harper Teen books. Unfortunately, it’s only available in PDF format. My first attempt to convert the PDF for use on my Kindle came out as an awkward, unreadable mess, but maybe I’ll try again with a different method.

Samples included are from:

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“Hunter Kiss” is the short story that introduces Maxine Kiss, the heroine of Marjorie M. Liu’s  new-ish urban fantasy series. Maxine fights evil with the help of a group of small demons who fight beside her by night and shield her by day in the form of elaborate tattoos. It was published in an anthology called Wild Thing, which my library doesn’t have. And because of my strict “no buying anthologies for the sake of one story” rule, I hadn’t had a chance to read this one even though I really enjoyed The Iron Hunt (my review).

But I recently discovered that “Hunter Kiss” is available as a standalone e-book! Yay! Links to several different formats are available on Liu’s website.

The story is a good introduction to the characters, and now some aspects of The Iron Hunt make more sense to me. I will say that Maxine and Grant’s relationship seems rushed, but at least there are reasons that may make sense. The second book in the series, Darkness Calls, will be out at the end of June, so now would be a great time to try the story and still have time to make it through the first book before the sequel arrives.

Kindle 2 Review

March 27, 2009

I’ve been considering e-readers for quite some time, so I finally took the plunge recently. I’ve had my Kindle 2 for about three weeks, and I’m still completely smitten.

I decided to get an e-book reader because my bookshelves are stuffed. Surprisingly, this is not as fun as it sounds. I was also sick of trying to keep track of which books I own, which I got from the library after a series went hardcover, and which books are only available in the dreaded trade paper format that I have such an irrational dislike of. And finally, my library is a bit limited and my nearest bookstore is slower than dirt when it comes to stocking new genre novels. I love being able to buy and immediately start reading a new book, even if it’s 11:30 pm, raining cats and dogs, and I’m in my PJs.

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I love books.

I love the whole process of reading them – turning the pages, shifting my grip to keep from breaking the spine too badly, and looking around for a makeshift bookmark because all my “real” bookmarks are impossible to keep up with. I love the unblemished look of new books and the smell of older ones.

So my growing fascination with e-book readers makes me feel a little dirty. Yeah, I’m into technology. But it’s one thing to want Google Maps on my phone, and it’s another to seriously think about curling up with some gadget for my reading time. For years I just couldn’t see myself doing it, but recently that’s changed. Some of the reasons have to do with my area and its library system and shops.

But the biggest thing that’s giving me e-reader envy is that I’m getting sick of constantly struggling with format issues.

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