Chain Letter (Chain Letter #1)Based on both my memories and the condition of this paperback, Chain Letter was one of the Christopher Pike books that I revisited most often in my teenage years. The plot is a better than average take on the I Know What You Did Last Summer story, because Pike’s villain pushes the guilty teens to act out in self-destructive ways. The pranks are fun if not exactly consistent, and the climactic scene where Alison is chased through her home and empty housing development by the villain is exciting and tense.

This book was much, much better than Pike’s Whisper of Death, but there were still some aspects that disturbed me while rereading it from an adult perspective. Massive spoilers are below the break.

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I recently came across a box of books from my teenage years, and most of them are Christopher Pike novels. I used to get every one of his new books and read them over and over. Some of them were just straightforward dramas but others involved supernatural elements, so I thought I’d post about them here as I reread them.

Whisper of DeathWhisper of Death is about Rox, a young woman who takes a stressful out-of-town trip with her boyfriend, Pepper. The pair return home to find that their town is empty. Their family, friends, and neighbors have disappeared. The radio and television play only static. Even long distance phone calls go unanswered. Rox and Pepper eventually find three other teens, and the group starts to wonder if their predicament can really be related to a dead classmate who seemed to have the power to control those around her.

I’ve got hazy, nostalgic memories about all the Pike books I’ve read, but rereading this as an adult was troubling. A lot of things about the book were creepy (in a bad way). A plot summary and my full spoiler-filled reactions are under the break.

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