True BloodWe’re less than a month away from new True Blood episodes!

On June 1, HBO will be hosting a fan event at fifty movie theaters across the country. There will be a Q&A with Alan Ball and cast members, a screening of the season two finale, and a “sneak peek” of season three. To win free tickets to one of these events, you have to become a fan of True Blood on Facebook and then go to the “Sweeps” tab on that page. Once you get registered for the contest, you need to wait until your city comes up – the city that they’re currently giving seats away for changes every six minutes. When I won my seats the locations were coming up in alphabetical order by state abbreviation, so it was easy to see about how long I’d need to keep an eye on the site. Good luck!

And while you wait, check out the first four minisodes:

We’ll get a new minisode each Sunday until the show begins. And for those that need to catch up, the Season Two DVD set releases next Tuesday, May 25. Pick it up to find out why there’s blood in Eric’s hair.


There’s a new article about True Blood on the Sci-Fi channel website, so those who can’t wait for the show may want to check it out.

“True Blood is coming to HBO on Sept. 7, the latest offering from Alan Ball (Six Feet Under) and a new twist on the vampire genre. Does it suck? A preview of the show’s first two hours reveals that Ball’s southern-fried take on fang-banging has real bite.”

It’s largely rehashed information, and the author manages to set off a pet peeve by attributing some things established in the series to the adaptation. But if you haven’t been following the True Blood news too closely then you’ll probably find a few things of interest.

True Blood Comic Book

July 29, 2008

HBO is releasing an online comic set in the world of True Blood. It doesn’t seem to be directly related to the main plot of the Harris books, the main character is a powerful vampire who has mixed feelings about the recent decision for vampires to admit their existence.

The interface that shows you the comic is a bit of a pain, because you have to zoom in quite a bit on each page to be able to read the text. You’d think that the “actual size” button would show you the full-sized images with one click, but no such luck.

There are several pages of promotional stuff after the comic, including an interview with Alan Ball and TruBlood ads. In addition to the True Blood sites I’ve already posted about, there are ads for the American Vampire League and the anti-vamp Fellowship of the Sun group.

New comic book pages will be posted each Wednesday. To read the first installment, just follow the link from HBO’s main True Blood page.

True Blood Sites

July 15, 2008

True Blood, a show based on the Southern Vampire Series by Charlaine Harris, will be airing on HBO starting this fall. There’s some interesting online marketing going on, and when they aren’t sending samples of their synthetic blood beverage to bloggers, they’ve set up a few websites. is the site for Tru Blood, the first synthetic blood drink. The age verification form is a clever touch. You can browse the blood type selection, and take a quiz to find out which one would fit you best (I’m apparently a Type A type of gal). You can also get some desktops and screen savers.

The other interesting True Blood site that I’ve seen is It “chronicles the amazing days we live in as vampires attempt to integrate with humans.” There’s a blog and a forum, but new visitors can most easily catch up with the story by watching the videos here. I’m loving the videos and news articles, though I haven’t had time to go through all the archives yet.

Edit: Today they linked to a new vampire dating site. The profiles are pretty entertaining and so is the questionnaire.

BloodCopy posted footage of a Senator speaking up for vampire rights:

Of course, not everyone is so accepting: