We all know how spotting a piece of eye-grabbing cover art is a fun part of the book shopping experience. A good cover can let you know what to expect from a book in terms of tone, genre, and style, at least until it a particular cover style becomes trendy enough that all the examples of it tend to meld together. And of course a bad cover, unfortunately, can turn readers away from an otherwise great read.

I’ve really enjoyed the covers for Gail Carriger’s books, they certainly stand out from the pack and reflect the writing fairly well. So I was happy to see this video show up in my inbox today. Watch as a graphic artist puts together the pretty for us.

Also, stay tuned for upcoming reviews of Kitty’s House of Horrors, A Local Habitation, Black Magic Sanction, The Better Part of Darkness, and Death’s Mistress.


True Blood Sites

July 15, 2008

True Blood, a show based on the Southern Vampire Series by Charlaine Harris, will be airing on HBO starting this fall. There’s some interesting online marketing going on, and when they aren’t sending samples of their synthetic blood beverage to bloggers, they’ve set up a few websites.

Trubeverage.com is the site for Tru Blood, the first synthetic blood drink. The age verification form is a clever touch. You can browse the blood type selection, and take a quiz to find out which one would fit you best (I’m apparently a Type A type of gal). You can also get some desktops and screen savers.

The other interesting True Blood site that I’ve seen is BloodCopy.com. It “chronicles the amazing days we live in as vampires attempt to integrate with humans.” There’s a blog and a forum, but new visitors can most easily catch up with the story by watching the videos here. I’m loving the videos and news articles, though I haven’t had time to go through all the archives yet.

Edit: Today they linked to a new vampire dating site. The profiles are pretty entertaining and so is the questionnaire.

BloodCopy posted footage of a Senator speaking up for vampire rights:

Of course, not everyone is so accepting: